A parent-to-parent voluntary support group

Parent to Parent Supporters

Parent to Parent Support  (P2P) is all about one parent listening to another parent and providing support or information when necessary.  Most branches around the country have a parent (peer) supporter in their branch. Parent to Parent supporters (P2P's) can be available where you branch meets as a group or by phone. Our aim in Cuidiú is to have a trained 'supporter' in each toddler/baby group so the mums can talk with ease, openly and honestly and without judgement about parenting. It is one of the most valuable services we offer. Parents who have been involved in a Cuidiú Branch for some time can do training to become  'Parent to Parent' supporter.

Peer supporters do not provide advice and tell you how to be the best parents. They do not have any magic solutions. They are willing to give you a comfortable and welcoming environment and a listening ear and support for anyone to talk in confidence about the ups and downs of parenting all the way from before you give birth to your first baby ...... right up until your offspring fly the nest.

The list shows all the P2P's in Branches around the country; Please consider, P2P's  are volunteers who use their personal phones and are in a home setting when you call. 

Branch Name Contact Name Phone number Email Website
Athlone Fiona corry 0851448158 fionacorry@hotmail.co.uk www.cuidiu.ie/athloneballinasloe
Margeurite Hannan 087 1640847 doulamagoo@yahoo.ie
Rosa Tomrop-Hoffman  086 0880187 rosa.tomrophofman@gmail.com www.cuidiu.ie/Clare
Sara-Jane Kickham 087 7846354 sjkickham@hotmail.com
Cork Loretta Kennedy 085 2898120 kenndyl@googlemail.com www.cuidiucork.net
Madhu Singh Panda 0872159735 madhu.panda2008@gmail.com
Rose Fitzgerald   rose.histon@gmail.com
Nicola Cooney   nicolacooney@gmail.com
Mary Lyne   mairelyne@gmail.com
Bethany O'Connor   bumbleoc@hotmail.com
Ger Cahill   gerbaldwincahill@gmail.com
Dublin North County Liberty Finnegan 0839589204 liberty.finnegan@gmail.com www.cuidiu.ie/dublinnorthcounty
Patricia O'Connor 08728115482 patriciaoconnor3@hotmail.com  
Dublin North East Mariana Souza   souza.bode@gmail.com www.cuidiu.ie/dublinnortheast
Juli Smith   smith.juli@yahoo.com
Dublin North West Gobnait O'Shaugnessey 087 4103118 gobnait_oshaughnessy@yahoo.co.uk www.cuidiu.ie/dublinnorthwest
Katie INgle   cuidiudnw.p2p@gmail.com
Susan Lawlor 0861718232 susanftzgrld@gmail.com
Patricia Farrell 0868172375 trish.flanagan@gmail.com
Dublin South East Iva bedžula prebeg 083 4576737


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Lara Henry 085 1448158  
Lorna Tormey 085 7234429  
Catherine Barrett    
Catherine Wells 087 2755440  
Dublin South West Annemarie O'Keefe 087 6556131 annmarieoke@gmail.com www.cuidiudsw.ie
Yvonne Ryan    
Nicola Rice   nicola.rice@gmail.com
Fionnuala Mullen 012966362  
Galway Melissa Murphy 085 2793576 memurphy@gmail.com www.cuidiu.ie/Galway
  Susan Walsh 087 9847200 breathnachsue@gmail.com
Limerick Evita English 087 7574544 evita.honie@gmail.com www.cuidiu.ie/limerick
Barbara Gardener 087 6886169 babs.gardiner@gmail.ie
Wicklow Melanie Boylan 0852860502 melaniebox40@hotmail.com  
Katerina Cussen 0863317253 cussendesign@gmail.com  
Wexford Alison Gately 053 9139889    

Please contact any peer supporter about Cuidiú's experience register.

Occassionally a Peer Supporter may recognise that you're in need of a bit more assistance. That's nothing to worry about. Our volunteers are trained in peer support but they are not professionals, and part of their role involves helping you find the service that's most appropriate to your situation.