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Parenting Support Sites

The parenting sites are broken into two sections to make them clearer to read. The sites in this section have discussion groups and on-line advice geared towards parents.

Organisation Description
BBC Parenting UK slant
Baby2Kids Irish parenting web site
babyworld.co.uk Friendly parenting site where you can post questions
Irish Society for Autism  
Irish Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society  
iparenting.com American site with gentle humour, dads have their own channel
Mothering The American publication - it has a good mix of general interest articles on parenting and breastfeeding.
Mumsnet.com Great parent-to-parent support, advice, chat, reviews of holidays and equipment.
parentsplace.com US-based message boards and chatrooms to talk to other parents, and also to experts.
parentalk.co.uk ParentTalk is a UK charity to support parents and equip them to enjoy parenthood more.
www.raisingkids.co.uk Discussion groups, advice and information
Rollercoaster.ie Excellent interactive site for the ups and downs of parenting in Ireland. Post questions to child clinical psychologist. Review topics such as toilet training, discipline to eating habits and family finance (tax benefits).
Solo.ie Support for people parenting alone. It's also got an excellent "just 4 kids" section
St.Declans Special School St. Declan's School caters for children who, for personal or emotional reasons, achieve below their potential in their local schools. 
ukparents.co.uk Very readable site, lots of tips and advice from other parents
Dad.ie A site for fathers and fathers-to-be dedicated to discussing issues from a father's perspective