A parent-to-parent voluntary support group

What We Do

What We DoCuidiú's motto is education and support for parenthood.

Our aim is to provide support and educations for parents and parenthood. Empowering parents through knowledge and mutual support to make informed choices and to progress fulfilled through all stages of parenthood, from pregnancy to raising children to adulthood. This may be done by childbirth education, postnatal support and breastfeeding support.

 Also to provide a supportive background to empower parents to act upon their decisions in five key areas:

We also operate an Experience and Resource Sharing which is a list of parents who have or had a particular experience(s) and are willing to talk and share with others about them. Being able to talk about concerns with others in the same situation as you can be helpful and every enquiry is handled in a sensitive and strictly confidential manner

There are branches nationwide with smaller groups constantly developing. Activities and Events vary from branch to branch, check to locate the branch nearest to you and contact the branch co-ordinator for further information.

The Cuidiu's  registered Charity number is  No.10752